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Ancient Bongs Found in Russia


A recent archeological finding in Russia has shed some more light on the historic use of marijuana among the nomadic Scythian people. Two artifacts that were confirmed as bongs and some smaller objects, all composed of solid gold, were found in a burial site in Southern Russian. The bongs were found with a thick residue and were used to smoke a powerful combination of cannabis and opium. They were used by the Scythians who ruled in large areas of Eurasia for a period of over 1,000 years.

The bongs are 24 centuries old

The bongs were found to be approximately 2,400 years old and were very detailed in their designs, featuring pictorial representations of animals and people. They were found in a large grave mound in Southern Russia in the Caucasus Mountains, one of the regions where Scythians lived between 900 BC and 400 AD. The bongs were possibly used during ceremonies and were found in a chamber filled with 7 pounds of other gold artifacts including bracelets and neck and finger rings.

The finding backs up Herodotus’s claim

Ancient Greek writer Herodotus described how Scythians used cannabis in their ceremonial practices, and the finding certainly backs up his claims. He once wrote, “Scythians used a plant to produce smoke that no Grecian vapour-bath can surpass…” Antonn Gass and Andrei Belinski are two historians from the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation who believed that the bongs were “beyond doubt” used to smoke both opium and cannabis at the same time. They may have also been used to brew the mixture together as well.

A once in a decade archeological finding

The finding is considered to be one of the best ever by many archeologists. Gass mentioned, “these are among the finest objects that we know from the region.” The bongs were not revealed to the public until the group had fully searched the burial mound to check for other possibly more valuable artifacts.

Each bong tells a different story with its pictures. One bong shows an older warrior slaying younger warriors and may be a description of the wars that the Scythians fought with neighboring Persia. Another bong depicts mythological creatures including a stag and griffons attacking a horse.

The Scythian people were known to be fearsome warriors, and they were one of the first groups to master mounted warfare. However, they were not the first group to use cannabis, as other evidence has found that it was cultivated as long ago as 8,000 BC or even earlier. Agriculture is thought to have been first developed around 10,000 BC.

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Why You Should Buy a Bubbler Pipe for Smoking Marijuana

five chamber glass bubbler

Bubblers have since been the mystical method for smoking Marijuana to me.  Why is it mystical you might ask?  On first look to a novice it may look like a fancy pipe but for those that have marveled over the glasswork, you could get lost in the twists and turns funneling into multiple chambers, a water reservoir, and eventually getting you blazed.  Most people commonly use pipes, bong or simply roll a joint and blaze it the good ol’ traditional way to get high.   This article was written for those of you who haven’t smoked from a bubbler before, just give me 1 minute of your time.

Bubblers can be an alternative and fun method for smoking and should be used to add variety to your smoking experience.  Bubblers are usually alot smaller than your standard bongs and have a bowl, similar to that at the end of a pipe, which is removable and is located at the top of a cylinder (I’m sure you’ve seen it before). It is then inserted inside the bubbler and the bubbler is partially filled with water at a point above the cylinder object. A person then lights the bowl. Smoke then travels through the water and into the mouth of the user when he or she releases their thumb from the base of the bubbler. The water helps filter the THC and also decrease the temperature of the smoke that is inhaled.  So in the end its kinda like smoking a the lovechild of a bong and pipe.   But in my opinion and the opinion of many other bubbler users, the end result is a smoother smoke than that of a pipe.  Be careful though, as the water in the bubbler gets dirty real fast and if you pull the smoke too hard, you are likely to inhale some of that skunked water as well.  I recommend cleaning out the bubbler and emptying the water after every smoke session to ensure a great experience every time, but who am I kidding, that never happens.  So just make sure you clean it out once every few uses to keep your bubbler just as majestic as when you first saw it on the store shelves or in your online shopping cart.  Having a larger than pocket sized bong is just down right convenient.  Your hits are likely to not be as strong as fat as your bong hits but they will get the job done especially if you have some good bud.  No go fill that bubbler up with some water and let it rip!

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What’s the right bong for me? A brief beginners guide to glassware

bong lined up

Bongs have been around for decades, and have been constantly adapting to new products that enter the market. Many first time users don’t know quite how to smoke marijuana and will go to the local marijuana shop and purchase a “cool” looking bong rather than one that will provide them with the best high. Bongs can be made from a variety of material such as plastic, glass or ceramic. Some old school Asian bongs are even made of bamboo.

The classic bong that many stoners use is one that is made of glass and is clear so that they can see the water and smoke when using it. Usually these bongs have sweet ass attachments such as splash guards, diffusers or ash catchers.  These types of bongs also can be bent so that an individual may take a hit when reclined. Plastic bongs are usually cheap bongs that allow for low budget stoners to get high. Using these bongs may dilute the taste of good weed (you get that plastic taste mixed in there) and more often than not do not have any separate attachments like glass bongs do. Ceramic bongs usually are the ones with crazy colors, and I usually don’t recommend those as I like to see my water inside the bong to make sure it is clean.

The best advice I can give the amateur stoner would be to try a few different bongs owned by some of your friends to find out which bong best suits you rather than go into a store an aimlessly throw money away.

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