Super Bowl XLVIII aka Marijuana Bowl, Stoner Bowl, Doobie Bowl

weed bowl superbowl

Timing is everything isn’t it?  Just when we voiced our opinion at Dat Dank about the NFL Commissioner’s comments about possible marijuana legalization in the NFL, destiny brought us a Super Bowl featuring the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos.  For those of you who have been keeping up with marijuana legalization, you may have put one and one together and noticed that these two teams represent states that are on the forefront of recreational marijuana legalization.  For those of you wondering why people are calling it the weed bowl, marijuana bowl, stoner bowl, or bong bowl, if you haven’t already heard, Colorado was the first ever state to legalize recreational marijuana regulated by the state government with the state of Washington soon to do the same.

What makes this significant in sports? Well nothing in particular because marijuana is still categorized as a banned substance in the NFL  and any other professional sports for that matter.  But what makes it significant at Dat Dank is the fact that, as  Seattle Pi puts it:  These two states aren’t “the only two states in the union (and two of only three places on the planet) where marijuana is not only legal but have a budding legal system for growing and selling will face each other in the Super Bowl.”  And with the statement made by Roger Goodell (Commissioner of the NFL)  regarding the possible legalization of medical marijuana use among players in the future, the Denver Bronco and the Seattle Seahawks facing off in  the Weed Bowl, er, Super Bowl in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium couldn’t have come at a better time for marijuana advocates and supporters in the United States.  I’m not complaining but imagine this game was played at Mile High Stadium back in Denver, we would be talking conspiracy as opposed to a high coincidence.

So this year, fill up the Doritos bowl, and pack a fat bowl, cause this game’s gonna be a doobie!

weed super bowl showdown

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7 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVIII aka Marijuana Bowl, Stoner Bowl, Doobie Bowl

  1. Jah Bless, this proves GOD is on our side.

  2. bigbucho says:

    Reblogged this on Big Bucho Blog and commented:
    Doritos loco!!!

  3. I guess I’m not too disappointed that the Patriots sucked on Saturday, since it allowed the bud bowl to actually happen. I think there will be a lot of press exploring the issues. Hey, high cbd weed might be good for all those inflammation problems football players have?

    • datdank says:

      I’m sorry about your team not making it but these two teams really are going to give us a good show on the big stage, i truly believe so. And I really do think that any weed can help players deal with the pain aspect of the game but I am not sure as to how highly concentrated weed can help with the specific types of inflammation they experience. I think I can definitely do some research and write about that 🙂 I’m really enjoying this sports/weed category, it seems like the readers are really loving it too.

  4. If players can consume Marijuana, than i can picture the moment myself. All the Player are laughing while other are dancing lol!!!!!!

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