A No-Frills Guide To Buying Weed In Colorado

how to buy marijuana in colorado

The great state of Colorado opened it’s doors to Marijuana use on January 1st , 2014 (aka Green Wednesday).  The marijuana dispensary doors are now officially open for business and you want to get in on the action, here’s a few things you should know without having to read the Colorado marijuana use laws.

Who Can Buy Marijuana For Recreational Use?  Colorado’s age requirement to buy Marijuana is anyone that is 21 and older with a valid government issued ID.  As long as you are of age, you can legally purchase, possess, and smoke Marijuana in the state.  Colorado also has what I call a “sharing is caring” clause.  You can share your weed with anyone else who is 21 years or older as long there is no exchange of Marijuana for money.

I’m Not From Colorado, Can I Still Buy Marijuana?  The same laws apply to all United States citizens as stated above.  As long as your over 21 years of age with valid ID, you can cruise into a licensed retail shop and buy up to 1/4 ounce (out-of-state limitation)

What If I’m Not 21 Years Old But Over 18?  Great news for those over 18 years old but under 21, you can still buy Marijuana as long as you have a medical marijuana card.  Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000 but has now dropped the annual registration fee for the medical marijuana card to only $15 per year!

OK, I’m Finally In Colorado, Where Can I Buy Weed?  There have been 136 retail marijuana shop licenses issued throughout Colorado but MOST of these are in Denver.  But if you somehow find yourself in Summit County, there are four shops there as well.

How Much Marijuana Can I Buy?  If your a Colorado resident, you can buy up to 1 ounce of weed (equivalent to 60 normal sized joints) and out-of-state visitors can buy 1/4 ounce of weed at one time (equivalent to 15 normal sized joints).  That’s still alot of joints so there is nothing to worry about with this limitation.

Lastly, How Much Money Should I Prepare?  Your typical purchase of an eighth of an ounce will run anywhere between $25 to $45 with taxes on top.  The state tax is set at 25% and a very nice 5% city/county tax assessed in most places.

I Didn’t Smoke All My Weed, Can I Take It Back Home For My Family And Friends?  No.  Although you bought it legally, it is still illegal to take it with you across state lines.  It can even be tricky to transporting weed from city to city within Colorado because each city  and county have set their own individual marijuana laws.

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20 thoughts on “A No-Frills Guide To Buying Weed In Colorado

  1. Frank Mewes says:

    Pitty, I am German, live in Canada, just close to the border, am barred from entry into the US, and Colorado is far and forever out of reach…

    • datdank says:

      but Frank, you live in Canada! The great country of clean air and clean weed 🙂

      • Frank Mewes says:

        well, still, I imagine it nice to openly go the corner store for an unworried fix up…

      • datdank says:

        indeed it is

      • Frank Mewes says:

        Enjoy the blessing!

      • datdank says:

        Thanks! As much as I look up to the Canadians, people like you Frank continue to remind me of all the good graces my country provides. Thank you, and thanks for reading

      • Frank Mewes says:

        mmhh, clearly exaggerated…what did you smoke?

      • datdank says:

        could have been anything in that top 5 weed strain guide 😉

      • Frank Mewes says:

        You’re not making me jealous, oh no – look, I’ve smoked hash and pot more or less regularly for over 20 years and while it was fun during the first couple of years or so, it eventually became my excuse for not doing what could have been better for me – smoking became an avoider and a postponer. Now, at 51, I’ve arrived at a point where smoking heightens my musical sensibilities as it always did, but otherwise it has come to only but dull my faculties and paralyze me in a no fun kind of way. I am completely out of order after only a couple of tokens and good for nothing but do the couch potato. Sex when stoned? Forget it – I have zero interest, am way too lethargic. I figure that this indicated the end of the pot line for me. What do you think?

      • datdank says:

        For you to come to this conclusion is a HUGE step. Most people in your shoes never reach an “enlightenment” lets say as to whether or not the lifestyle that they’ve chosen is bad for them or not. You’ve figured out that it smoking pot all day has “paralyzed you in no fun kind of way.” I too partied hard and still party with this stuff every so often but figured out many years back that keeping it casual and situational was the way for me. I just blog about weed because its part of my industry and work and I want to provide high quality articles and commentary for people to read and enjoy. I think that if they’re gonna smoke it, I might as well write about it and make it as intereseting to the best of my ability without having to partake in that kind of activity daily. I do love the community, the products, and the activism. But smoking it or not is my personal choice, and frankly, yours too. I feel that you have the power to quit, and that my friend, is HIGHLY RESPECTABLE 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting. You’ve been a great participator to my new blog and I appreciate it greatly

      • Frank Mewes says:

        Funny you should say that – I mean how numbed towards my own being I have to get in order to not realize that I am on the wrong track? But, yeah, occasional, situational, and in good measure are the keywords, though whether I smoke every day or only once in a while and in a special circumstance doesn’t matter to me anymore – the first token switches me off and that’s the end of me, I am done and gone. It is said that smoking externalizes the internal – if that’s true, I must be kind of dead alive, ridden by paranoia and guilt. I also came to feel that the high’s relaxation you speak of is really a fake – how relaxing can it be if I basically strain my bodily and mental systems by smoking? The falling back into the sofa after the smoke is not a relaxing, it is a knock out – states of being which are worlds apart. Maybe the notion of relaxation applies to smoking when used for alleviating the agony of a severe illness, but apart from that, I’d better do some meditation for relaxation. Anyway, that’s just me. Live it up, people, but stay conscious about and true to yourselves!

      • datdank says:

        I love when readers like yourself provide REAL, no fluff opinions. That’s what makes these articles so much more then what they are. Thanks again Frank

  2. This victory in Colorado will have important spinoffs in furthering medical research, specifically the extremely positive effects in cancer treatment, and legalization of industrial hemp, which has enormous importance in reducing CO2 emissions.

    Thanks for publicizing this – and opening your blog to comments.

    • datdank says:

      Thanks for your comment stuartbramhall, your absolutely right. The ability for those in medical need to have legal access to marijuana for illnesses is a big step forward for many States. Colorado is going to be a very good case study for years to come. As long as Colorado sets the standard for generating revenue while lowering drug related crimes, I don’t see how any other states can pass up this opportunity in the future.

  3. So Denver truly is the “mile-high city”. That came to me while reading this post, but I’m sure Coloradans have heard it many times. Thanks for liking and commenting on my blog.

  4. […] A No-Frills Guide To Buying Weed In Colorado. […]

  5. […] A No-Frills Guide To Buying Weed In Colorado. […]

  6. todowhen says:

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