Marijuana Cultivation: Types Of Grow Lights Explained

growing marijuana lights

Growing your own marijuana can be a difficult and tedious task. One aspect of growing is the light source you use. Marijuana isn’t legal everywhere so growing it openly in the sun is out of the question for many, not to mention the ease of theft if grown outside. Moreover, individuals living in certain parts of the world where sunlight is scarce will have a hard time in finding the right place to grow their strains. One popular solution is to grow their product inside somewhere and use special lights that act like the sun and encourage growth.

Light intensity is measured in nanometers (nm) of one specific wave length of light.  Marijuana plants differ in the appropriate amount of intensity that they need. For vegetative growth marijuana plants need about 420-550nm of intensity while for pre-flowering and budding they need about 550-670nm for optimal growth.

There exist three typical grow lights out in the market that many use to grow indoors. These lights are: HPS (high pressure sodium) lights, MH (metal halide) lights and LED (light-emitting diode) grow lights. HPS lights offer an intensity of 540nm to 700nm and are great in promoting budding of the plant while MH lights only offer intensity ranging from 350nm to 550nm and are used to promote vegetative growth. One downside to using these types of high intensity lights is that they get extremely hot and cooling fans are also needed to prevent them from overheating or blowing. LED grow lights offer the broadest range of intensity (from 420-750nm) making it the best but most expensive for growing marijuana. If you have the cash flow, you best use LED lamps as they offer the best lighting source for all your marijuana needs.

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6 thoughts on “Marijuana Cultivation: Types Of Grow Lights Explained

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  4. Martin X says:

    You didn’t mention CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights). They’re not as productive as higher intensity lamps, but they run cooler than Metal Halides or High Pressure Sodiums and they are much cheaper to run. Very good if you have only a confined grow space.

    • datdank says:

      Martin, people like you make me love the whole aspect of commenting on these articles. You are absolutely right, CFL’s are not as high intensity but are becoming some of the most popular options for home cultivation because of the efficient energy consumption aspect. Not alot of people can afford to run HPS or MH’s for 2 months on average of 12-16 hours per day. I might just have to write another article solely on CFLs. Thanks for your 2 cents! Fantastic contribution Martin

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