Are Dabs Better than Traditional Bud?


I find myself running into this problem on several occasions. What Should I Smoke? I have some oils but at the same time I have some nice blue dream flowers and a little bit of Sour OG Kush. Usually when I hit the oils I get knocked on my ass, but when I smoke my bud I just get that relaxing high. I know oils are a lot stronger than bud and a lot cheaper, but sometimes I just have that urge to chill out and just smoke bud. Maybe it is because I have been smoking bud for over 10 years and have only just started hitting dabs.

Whenever my buddies come over we always hit the bud and never the oils together. They seem to prefer passing the bong around rather than using wraps or joint paper too. Below I put some of the pros and cons of hitting bud and oils to help you make your decision when you run into this same problem.







▪You can never go wrong with some good bud

▪I prefer the taste of some good bud, sometimes you can get a sweet tangy taste that lingers for awhile

▪ Easier to get a hold of than good quality oils (although my local dispensary is carrying dabs now)

▪ Seems to be the go to product when hanging out with friends and just relaxing

▪More expensive than oils


▪Cheap $$$$

▪Can be made from using the trim

▪ A greater high than using bud

▪Quicker acting than Bud

▪Maybe healthier than bud if you have some well purged shit as the resin content built up in your lungs is lower

▪Unless bought, it is dangerous and time consuming to make

▪Sometimes the concentrates can get me too fucked up to the point where I am on my ass

▪ Can be expensive if you are using buds to make it


As you can see there are arguments on both sides on why you should get fucked up using one of the other. The consensus is that dabs for personal use will get you higher than you have ever been before, but bud will allow you to chill with friends without that freaking out you will get from wax.

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7 thoughts on “Are Dabs Better than Traditional Bud?

  1. Inhale…Exhale…Just got an ounce in the mail.

  2. I wish I had that problem, I can’t get wax at the dispensaries here in Maine but I love the purity. Like you say, it’s kinda dangerous to make yourself, although a good ice-water extraction can be pretty potent too.

  3. I hate to say it but purity for waxes resembles that for cocaine right now, that is, it *all* has impurities. For most butanes, up to 20% of the volume is actually impurities, hexane and other toxic chemicals. While higher qualities of butane exist they are almost impossible to get unless you are actually a chemist with a lab. Currently the purest waxes are all coming out of Colorado due to the best quality controls, California is lagging behind pretty badly.

    Be very careful when blasting BHO, I had a friend and former coworker from the dispensary blow himself up recently making wax. Always blast outdoors or in HEAVILY ventilated areas, wear a mask, and use other precautions. Also know the law; if you are in California it is a felony to make BHO wax, even if you are a patient.

    Using butane as a solvent is pretty unneeded too, you can have kiefs and water hashes pure enough to dab (I have done it). Here is where you need to seperate between BHO/wax/supermelt hashes and dabbing as a method us use. Dabs isn’t the cannabis, dabbing is a method of use where you sublimate super-pure cannabis hash on a super-heated titanium nail. You can dab cold water hash, kief, full melt, anything with over 55% THC (roughly). Higher % of THC hashes dab easier and with less residue.

    • datdank says:

      Great input. I’m going to have to do more research on cold water hash. I like the fact that it’s less dangerous because as you can see, the danger aspect of making BHO is on the top of my list. I’m going to look into writing an article on that really soon. That 20% is really scary man…

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